Celebrating 25 years of service to our clients…1993 – 2018

Leadership and Management

Management, leadership, supervision – even though these may be defined separately, there is a connection between them.  Leading with professionalism and respect develops teamwork and goal achievement.  

Customer Service

Customers.  Love them or lose them.  How they are treated directly impacts their satisfaction with the product or service they have received.

Emotional Intelligence

Why, despite equal intellectual capacity, training, or experience, do some people excel while others with the same abilities don’t? Emotional Intelligence is the key that positively impacts lives, careers, performance, and relationships.

About CAM Consulting Group

CAM Consulting Group LLC was founded as a full-service consulting and training firm in 1993 to assist organizations and their most important
resource – people – achieve success. Since that time, we have worked with a diverse base of clients in the public, private, library, military, legal, judicial, medical, and education sectors. Our firm has made significant strides over the years providing the following services…

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