Communication and Presentation


Why, despite equal intellectual capacity, training, or experience, do some people excel while others with the same abilities don’t achieve the same level of success? Emotional intelligence is the fundamental factor. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize our own feelings (self-awareness) and those of others (social awareness). It helps us manage emotions in ourselves (self-management) and with others (relationship management). Emotional Intelligence positively impacts our lives, our performance, and our relationships.

Learning Objectives: After completing the program, participants will be able to understand the concept of emotional intelligence, its advantages and challenges; develop self-awareness and emotional control; discover ways to interact empathetically with others; motivate themselves and others towards goal achievement; and communicate positively to build collaborative efforts. They will leave with strategies on how to harness the energy of emotion to impact constructive outcomes.


Everyone encounters at least one difficult person or situation to deal with at some time.  Handling conflicts, differences, and diverse personalities are a part of life, personally and professionally.  In this session, you will learn the skills needed to change interactions from ones of uncomfortable confrontation to those of effective conversation.

Learning Objectives:  After completing the program, participants will be able to identify various behavior styles, understand and control their emotions, apply conflict resolution techniques, and communicate assertively to manage tough situations.  They will leave knowing how to keep issues and people from having a negative and stressful effect on them.


We communicate all the time, but are we achieving the results we want?  There are many communication mediums available today – in person, written (correspondence and email), telephone, video and teleconferences, etc.  The challenges are several: choosing the appropriate way to share a message; showing sensitivity to others; creating understanding; and focusing on results.  The rewards are many when interpersonal dynamics are managed properly and respectfully.

Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of this program, participants will be better able to communicate positively, choose appropriate communication tools, manage differences constructively, and build effective relationships.  They will leave feeling more confident in their ability to interact professionally with others.


Negotiation is a part of life.  Sometimes it is done formally, but most times it is done informally on the job, at home, or in social situations.  Communication, respect, preparation, and focus are the heart and soul of the negotiation process.  Successful negotiations allow two opposing parties to resolve their differences and leave feeling like they both won.  By effectively managing interpersonal dynamics, a situation can change from one of confrontation to one of conversation.

Learning Objectives:  In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to prepare for a negotiating session, use techniques to remain in control, and develop strategies to attain objectives.  In addition, they will gain greater knowledge about the power of assertive communications, recognize the influence of nonverbal language, and practice effective listening techniques.  As a result, they will leave knowing how to manage differences and achieve success.


A positive, confident image is the key to professional success.  The manner in which a message is presented influences the way others will respond – positively or negatively.  When individuals can overcome their anxiety, they can develop a presentation style that will capture their audience’s attention and gain results.

Learning Objectives:  At the completion of this program, participants will be able to prepare, organize, and present a topic effectively; use visual aids appropriately; and manage group questions and dynamics comfortably.  They will leave with powerful strategies for delivering their messages successfully.