Leadership and Management


Leading others through the process of achieving organizational objectives is a challenging, yet rewarding assignment that demands excellent administrative, interpersonal, and communication skills.  In today’s professional climates, successful managers, supervisors, and team leaders not only need to create a proactive environment, but they must remain flexible in the face of continual change.

Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to determine situational leadership styles, establish performance expectations, communicate and delegate effectively, give constructive feedback, coach and counsel others, and motivate individuals into high performance teams.  They will leave with greater understanding about the qualities and skills needed to successfully manage people towards business outcomes.


Managers in today’s changing professional cultures need to be leaders in both vision and practice.  Successful leaders know that to accomplish strategic outcomes, they must be effective in building excellent internal and external relationships.

Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of this comprehensive program, participants will take ownership in the world of forward thinking leadership by helping them define their vision, implement strategic plans, refine their communication skills, apply situational leadership, manage conflict constructively, motivate others, and clarify objectives in the performance management process.


Ever wonder how Santa accomplishes his mission every year?  It is not always easy.  Even he faces the challenges of hiring the right reindeers, meeting customer requests, and building teamwork among the elves.  Join us on a fun journey to the North Pole and discover the leadership traits that will allow you to accomplish “big things” in your workshop all year long.

Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to set clear goals, instill accountability in others, provide continual feedback, coach towards and recognize success, and build motivated teams.  The book, Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, is a required purchase and will be referenced throughout the session.


Managers and supervisors have the opportunity to develop the strengths of others by helping them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to do their jobs effectively.  Part of this process is also implementing corrective action when necessary.  Through mutual communication and support, both parties can work together towards shared growth, increased productivity, and the achievement of professional success.

Learning Objectives:  After completing the program, participants will be able to further refine their communication and feedback skills, encourage responsibility for performance, recognize growth, deliver corrective action, and implement plans for improvement.  They will leave with a coaching style that motivates people to continually move forward.


Performance appraisals serve the following three purposes: review past performance, determine present objectives, and plan employee development for the future.  In this session, participants will gain a greater understanding of the purpose and importance of the performance management process.

Learning Objectives:  At the conclusion of this program, participants will be better able to conduct an appraisal interview, share constructive feedback, compare written words with verbal delivery, and plan for performance improvement or development.