Life Happens

New Anniversary.  New Location.  New Website.

CAM Consulting Group is proud to have celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing services to our clients on January 29, 1993.  We continue to remain true to our original mission of helping people and organizations achieve success.  We have been privileged to work with an outstanding staff and a wonderful diverse base of clients.  Thank you to all who have helped in our growth.

We are also excited to announce we have a new location.  For those who know me well, I have always said that I will live by the palm trees.  It has been an interesting journey to get here, but incredibly rewarding to see my dream come true.  In May 2012, both my home and business moved to a bit of paradise called Bonita Springs along the gulf in beautiful southwest Florida.  Our new contact information is on the home page of this site.

All of this leads to our new website.  Welcome.  Please visit this blog on a regular basis.  Its theme is Life Happens…It’s All About the How.  How we handle situations impacts our outcomes – negatively and positively.  Through this forum, we will share some insights, good books to read, and tips for success in your personal and professional lives.  In exchange, we will look forward to your input and experiences.  Life Happens…

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  1. Cara Karch July 9, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    So happy you made it happen and I hope you are doing well and loving every minute of it. Keep me in mind for any design needs. 🙂 – Cara

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